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When there is no standard, you have to decide for yourself

Some applications require custom solutions. When this is the case, we can develop technologically sophisticated custom tool solutions for your individual thermoplastic injection moulding products: state-of-the-art and „Made in Germany“. The same goes for silicone injection moulding components and extrusion technology products such as tubes and profiles.

Injection moulding: we shape thermoplastics and silicones

Thermoplastic injection moulding remains the most common method for plastic processing, and injection moulding is being increasingly used in silicone processing as well. Silicone products are realisable with moulded part weights of 0.03-100 grams and with a minimum wall thickness of 0.2 millimetres. Production is done under clean room conditions. All production processes are validated and monitored via statistical procedures.

Extrusion: know-how by the metre

Extrusion allows cross-sections in complex structures of theoretically any length and can be applied to various materials including PU, PVC and silicone. Be it multi-lumen tubing for catheters or multilayer composite with barrier properties – extrusion products connecting injection moulding components to your individual medical and pharmaceutical products.

Production in ISO class 7 or 8 clean rooms and regular quality inspections ensure a consistently high level of quality for products used in diagnostics, heart-lung machines and/or extracorporeal blood circuits and in orthopaedic technology, for example. We deliver high-quality products manufactured to meet your specific requirements and can assist you with product and process testing if requested.

Special solutions / custom components
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